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Ozone Generators for Shock Treatment

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I am curious. Since ozone is an oxidizing agent how does it determine what to attach to? Smoke, pollutants in a house, but what about rugs, furniture etc. My daughter had a company remove some white mold in her basement, and then ran an ozone generator for 48 hours. The house is now uninhabitable due to a pungent odor in the house. This has been 3 weeks ago and after airing the house with huge 3 ft fans, the odor is still there. So, what did the ozone interact with? Companies seem to think this stuff is safe, but they never talk about the interactions with other household items. Why would ozone adhere to tobacco smoke but not rug fibers? adhere to all other pollutants in a house but not rubber, or plastic or drywall or painted surfaces?

So, the question I am trying to get an answer to is how do I get rid of the odor caused by the ozone? AND more importantly is the odor I am smelling dangerous to my daughter’s health?

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Can you describe the residual odor? Is it bleach like? If so it should not be harmful if it has been 3 weeks since the ozone treatment. Of course, if the bleach-like odor is coming from a currently running ozone generator, then yes, this can oxidize lung tissue.

Ozone is simply clumped oxygen molecules. (o3, 04, o5 for example) Because the molecule is very unstable, it is an excellent oxidizer. When the ozone molecules come in contact with anything from a virus in the air, odorous bacteria, or the wall surface and carpet fibers- the unstable molecule loses one or more of the extra oxygen atoms - reverting back to regular oxygen (o2) and oxidation is the result.

Ozone oxidizes everything - but at different rates. Here is a link to an ozone materials compatibility chart provided by Cole Parmer:

Most household materials are quite ozone resistant, or oxidation resistant. Even rubber, which is rated "D - Severe Effect" with ozone - still takes considerable time to oxidize using concentrated high levels of ozone before damage occurs. Some types of rubber like materials are ozone resistant - such as butyl and silicone and are rated "A - Excellent"

One type of rubber can be damaged and sometimes destroyed in a 48 hour concentrated ozone treatment is natural elastic rubber such as rubber bands or the elastic rubber in some clothing.
Still, often the choice is made to treat clothing with elastic rubber rather than throwing the clothes away - usually with success and no recognizable damage.

Understand that using ozone in the shock treatment manner is effective at killing an infestation of MOLD or smoke odors, yet it is a more invasive treatment that some choices you can make.

A benign choice for air purification for effective removal of allergens, odors, VOC’s, viruses such as H1N1 or TB is to choose a high end HEPA Carbon filter system such as the IQAir Healthpro Plus
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Hospitals commonly use the IQAir Cleanroom H13 HEPA air purifier which is for Microbiological Control in Medical Facilities, Hospitals, and other clean-rooms:
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Simply, with an ozone treatment, for mold / flood or smoke / fire damage for example, it is worth the potential damage to some materials to get rid of the bigger problem. Usually this only applies to antiques or rare paintings or items in a museum, where decisions to use ozone to kill an infestation that is damaging items is required to stop the problem or mold from growing.

Thank you for the inquiry!

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