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ION Air Purifier vs. Ozone Generator, Ozone Generator Sizing Guide

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Why is an ozone generator more effective than an ion air purifier?

What size is best for a 3000 sq foot home?

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Q. 1) Why is an ozone generator more effective than an ion air purifier?


Ion generators alone cannot kill germs or actually purify the air. Ions do have their place though, ions make micron sized particulate clump together and "magnetically" draw the particulate to surfaces in a room. The most ideal use of ions is in conjunction with a filter system. micron sized particulate often slip through filter systems that are rated below HEPA ratings, however, when these smaller particles are clumped by ionization, the larger clumped particles can now be trapped in the filter. For this to be effective in a filter system, the ion generation must be in line on the intake flow of a filter system.

Most corona discharge ozone generators naturally produce ions as a by-product of ozone generation, though they are quite useless without a filter system designed for moving adequate amounts of air through the filter.

Ozone generators should not be used to "filter" the air, rather to emit ozone into a room so it can purify (oxidize) and do its job. If you are looking to filter particulate or dust, I recommend a HEPA filter system such as the IQAir Healthpro Plus Air Purifier:

Q. 2) What size is best for a 3000 sq foot home?


What size ozone generator unit depends upon the intended use - to rid smoke, cooking odors, (general air purification), or to decontaminate and kill germs or mold, or protein decomposition jobs such as dead animal odor or crime scene cleanup. I recommend shock treatments for all ozone applications.

Consider the largest sized area that cannot be further enclosed or made smaller by shutting doors; If you are on a budget, you may consider sizing the ozone generator to the largest space you have that cannot be reduced further by shutting doors, and then treating the rooms separately.

Depending on the level of contamination and humidity, the UV PRO 550 Ozone Generator can usually shock treat or disinfect medium - large sized rooms such as basements - or approx. 1,000 sq. ft. (this unit is rated for 650 sq. ft. for extreme commercial jobs such as dead animal odor or crime scene cleanup but if you can afford to treat longer – it will work for all but the most severe jobs up to about 1000 sq. ft.). Larger ozone generators can be used to ensure a thorough shock treatment and to speed up treatment times. Keep in mind – you can undersize an ozone generator to an application, but a larger ozone generator is a small space will simply speed up the treatment time necessary. You may want the UV PRO 1100 Ozone Generator: for your job at hand or choose a large unit such as the UV PRO 4000 Ozone Generator: if you need to treat the entire 3000 sq ft space at once.

The size ozone generator needed also depends upon other factors, including temperature, and type / level of contamination. More details on understanding ozone depletion times are available on our website links below.
For ambient air Corona Discharge Ozone Generators, humidity is the largest factor. At 50% Humidity, a corona discharge ozone generator is producing only half of its rated output and often less. I highly recommend the UV ozone Generation method over the corona discharge method for this reason and others including increased maintenance as deposits inherent with the corona discharge ozone generation process will quickly build up and reduce the output of the corona activity.

I highly recommend this first link on shock treatments / choosing ozone generator:

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Air Purification instructions:

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  1. Needlepoint ionizers usually cover a five to seven foot area in the general area of the ionizer. The second type of ionizer is called radio ionization. Radio ionization is a newer technology that uses similar principles as needlepoint ionization except that the radio ionizer uses a specialized and safe radio wave that ionizes the air for approximately 50 feet right through the walls in all directions.

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